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Growth opportunities in the USA: Success strategies for German companies in the manufacturing industry and logistics sector.

This workshop is aimed at German companies in the manufacturing industry and logistics sector looking to penetrate the American market. Our experienced panelists, including representatives from German companies that have successfully expanded into the USA, will share their insights.

We will delve deeply into the challenges and opportunities German companies face when entering the American market, including site selection, adaptation to local business practices, supply chains, workforce availability, and coping with regulatory requirements. Ensuring a resilient supply chain is one of the main challenges for many manufacturing companies.

The panel will illuminate the relevance of geopolitical developments in combination with site selection decisions to prepare you for this challenge. Additionally, we will discuss potential risks and growth opportunities to assist you in making informed decisions and successfully implementing your expansion into the USA.

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Christoph Wesner

Head of Sales Americas | WAGNER Group GmbH

Christoph Wesner, Head of Americas at WAGNER Group GmbH, is responsible for the subsidiaries of WAGNER Group GmbH in the USA and Canada. Together with local teams, Mr. Wesner oversees market development, technical support, and serves as the interface between the subsidiaries and the parent company. Additionally, Mr. Wesner is currently the Managing Director of the Canadian branch.

Before joining WAGNER Group GmbH, Mr. Wesner played a leading role in the sales development and support of the U.S. branch of a mid-sized company.

With nearly 20 years of experience in sales and technical roles in North America, Mr. Wesner brings extensive expertise to his position. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Wilhelmshaven.

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Stefan Schäfer

CEO | Expectus GmbH

Stefan Schäfer has been involved in logistics and freight forwarding for over 35 years.

He held leading positions at global players in the logistics industry in Germany and the USA before founding Expectus GmbH in 2000 and its US branch in San Francisco, California, in 2007.

In 1998, Mr. Schäfer was transferred to Silicon Valley to establish and manage the logistical coordination of internet hardware components from NAFTA for the Deutsche Telekom Group. His expertise includes transportation (international and domestic), warehousing, US customs, strategic locations, insurance, packaging, and more. Mr. Schäfer and his team provide European companies with valuable information about logistical requirements and processes before they establish a new branch or company in the USA.

Christoph Lienemann

Managing Director & Partner| PEM  Motion



Jona Rowold

Director of Consulting Services, AHK USA-South

Jona Rowold began his activities at AHK USA-South in January 2022. He grew up in Northern Germany and moved to the USA in 2021. After successfully completing his vocational training as an industrial clerk in Germany, Jona Rowold earned a B.B.A. in International Business in the Netherlands. Prior to his role at AHK USA-South, Jona Rowold worked in the energy sector in Germany. In his role as Director of Consulting Services, Jona Rowold leads state-funded and individual customer projects with his team. The focus is on supporting market entry and expansion in the USA. Jona Rowold has previously led numerous successful delegation trips and market expansion projects and has an extensive network in the southeastern USA.

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