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The AHK USA consists of the four chambers of commerce in Atlanta, Chicago, New York and San Franciscoand Detroit, Houston, and Philadelphia offices. 

Since January 2021 there has also been a Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Washington, DC


With a total of around 2,500 members and excellent contacts to associations, state institutions and companies, the AHK USA has a powerful network.

 About Us 

The AHK USA - Atlanta is responsible for the southern states of the USA and maintains five regional chapters.

AHK USA - Chicago

The AHK USA - Chicago looks after the Midwest and, in addition to its branch in Detroit, is represented with a chapter in four states.

AHK USA - New York

The AHK USA - New York is responsible for the north-east of the USA and has an office in Philadelphia in addition to the headquarters in New York.

AHK USA - San Francisco


The AHK USA - San Francisco is responsible for the western United States.

Delegation of German Industry and Commerce - Washington, DC​

The Delegation of German Industry
and Commerce - Washington, DC  is the interface between politics and business in Washington, DC. 

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