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Marketing and Sales in the USA: Opportunities and Challenges in a Digital World

This interactive workshop will discuss various perspectives on marketing and sales in the USA.

In a globalized world, it is crucial to adapt your marketing and sales messages to the local market. This workshop will show you how to tailor your sales and digital marketing strategies for the US market to achieve greater reach and relevance. From utilizing digital platforms like LinkedIn to participating in trade shows. From translating and adapting content to considering cultural differences, we will provide you with practical tips and best practices.

Companies that are still at the beginning of their US strategy, startups, as well as established companies, will find essential key points in this workshop to be successful in the US market.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of marketing and sales in the USA and learn from experts in this field. Join us and discover new perspectives and strategies to increase your success in the US market.

Our speakers


Stefan Leitz

Director Global Business Development & Sales; Cherry Digital Health

Stefan Leitz, Dir. Global Business Development & Sales Cherry Digital Health, and his team are responsible for global business development, sales and cooperation management at Cherry Digital Health. This includes the global development of sales channels, new business areas and comprehensive solutions, as well as cooperations in the national subsidiaries. Mr. Leitz has more than 25 years of experience in sales management, business development and international marketing in various industries. 

In his previous positions, Mr. Leitz has worked in Europe, China, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates and the USA. He holds a Bachelor's degree from DHBW Mannheim with a focus on international marketing and sales management.

Nina Berger headshot

Nina Berger

Managing Director, Peakboard America Inc

Nina Berger is Manging Director of the Peakboard subsidiary Peakboard America Inc. She studied economics (Bachelor and Master of Science) in Stuttgart and Offenburg and completed her thesis at Peakboard in 2018. She then worked in Business Development at Peakboard in Germany 4 years earlier she founded Peakboard America Inc. in Chicago. Together with her team, she manages the US market entry and takes care of all business activities in North America.

Nur Nezir headshot.jpg

Nur Hayez Nezir

Geschäftsführerin , ABRAMS Industries DE

Nur Hayat Nezir was born in the Black Forest as the daughter of Turkish migrant workers. She has been working for the ABRAMS Group since 2005. Trained as a commercial lawyer, she rose from assistant to the management to the position of authorized signatory to Managing Director of the ABRAMS Group. In 2022, she was appointed Managing Director for the divisions ABRAMS Industries GmbH & Co. KG Osnabrück and ABRAMS Industries Inc. Chicago - both suppliers of precision steel - and ABRAMS world trade wiki - a business intelligence platform - she was entrusted with the management of operations. She is in charge of sales, marketing and customer management and is responsible for over 150 employees in the areas of sales, office staff, IT, design, marketing, warehouse and production.

Frank Petrolli headshot.jpg

Frank Petrolli

Vice President Strategic Market Development, Plasmatreat

With over three decades of expertise in the realms of robotics, automation, process automation, 3D printing, and the industrial internet of things, Frank brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role as Vice President of Strategic Market Development at Plasmatreat USA. For the past two years, he has spearheaded the sales and operations from our base in Elgin, Illinois, overseeing a dynamic team dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to our clients. 

Fostering industrial network collaboration and creating ecosystems tailored to the needs of our customers in the surface treatment, adhesive, and coating industries.  


Gerrit Ahlers.jpg

Gerrit Ahlers

Vice President & Director, Consulting Services, AHK USA - Chicago

Gerrit Ahlers, Vice President & Director, Consulting Services, heads the consulting department of the AHK USA-Chicago. As a one-stop store, Mr. Ahlers and his team assist companies with market entry and expansion strategies, market research, site selection, mergers and acquisitions, debt collection, U.S. recruiting and virtual office services. Furthermore, Mr. Ahlers' department is responsible for the support and organization of industry-specific delegation trips, assists in the search for sales partners & sales development and offers intercultural coaching.

Prior to joining AHK USA-Chicago, Mr. Ahlers held a leadership role at a mid-sized consulting firm where he was responsible for establishing and expanding the US office.

In his previous roles, Mr. Ahlers has been active in Europe, Australia and North America. Mr. Ahlers holds an MBA from the University of Bremen with a focus on brand management, sustainability and strategic management.

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