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Futures Leadership
(Future Literacy) with a focus on developing an AI strategy

In Silicon Valley, the undefeated champions of innovation are driving the world of tomorrow forward. German companies can also benefit from this unique innovation power - especially when it comes to better understanding and proactively shaping the future.
In this practical workshop, you will learn how to acquire Silicon Valley Futures Literacy and develop user-centered future visions for your business. These future visions can help your company identify opportunities and risks early on and develop future-proof solutions, for example, for the use of AI.
What to expect in the workshop:
  • Inspiration for future visions from a Silicon Valley perspective
  • Promotion of future resilience & futures literacy
  • Methods for developing future visions for your company
  • Discovering business opportunities and models, for example, in the use of AI
  • Developing empathy and user-centered thinking for designing new solutions
Become a future expert and driver for sustainable innovation with the help of the Silicon Valley Futures Mindset.

Our speakers

Sabine Remdisch- Leuphana Marvin Sokolis.jpg

Sabine Remdisch

Professor of Personnel and Organizational Psychology and Head of the Institute for Performance Management, Leuphana University Lüneburg

Sabine Remdisch is Professor of Personnel and Organizational Psychology and Head of the Institute for Performance Management at Leuphana University Lüneburg. The focus of her work is on leadership in the modern digital world of work. She conducted research on this topic in Silicon Valley and as a visiting scholar at Stanford University and pools her expertise in the “LeadershipGarage“. Her goal is to manage human performance in organizations. She teaches in the areas of leadership, human resource development and coaching. She guides companies in their digital transformation and in building a digital hybrid corporate culture. For managers, she initiated the part-time MBA program “Performance Management”. It teaches managers how to lead themselves and their companies to success. She is active in several companies as a coach, management trainer and accompanying researcher. As vice president of the university, she built up the Professional School for those interested in continuing education. 


Mirko Wutzler Headshot.jpg

Mirko Wutzler

Vice-president, AHK USA-West

Headshot Juliane Nandra.jpg

Juliane Nandra

Director Corporate Innovation & Partnerships, AHK USA-West

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