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German-American Business Forum 2015

On Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 the German-American Business Forum, organized by AHK-USA and the IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria, was held at IHK Munich. The sold-out event of over 260 attendees gained international attention, while we received an abundance of positive feedback from attendees.


The event underlined the great cooperation between the IHKs in Germany and the AHKs in the US, as confirmed by IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria Vice President, Stephanie Spinner-König, during the opening speech. AHK President Martin Richenhagen emphasized the German-American relationship, stating "The USA is still very important for German companies. More than 3,700 German companies already have production facilities and sales subsidiaries in the 50 states and get great value out of the dynamic, transatlantic economic environment".  


View pictures from the 2015 German American Business Forum.


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