Workshop I Marketing and Sales

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Workshop I will look at how German companies should position themselves for success in marketing and sales in the US, and how they should do so digitally. Following the question "How does marketing work in the US?," promising forms of distribution in the digital age as well as the use of social media (especially LinkedIn) will be discussed in particular. Other issues include: "Did the COVID-19 pandemic impact marketing and sales?" and "How do I position my brand in a market where my company is relatively unknown?” The workshop also addresses differences between building/recruiting a Sales & Marketing team in the US compared to Germany.

Our Speakers

Nur Hayat Nezir

Prokuristin, ABRAMS Industries GmbH & Co. KG

Franz-Josef Schürmann

Vorstand, Itemis AG


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Mark Tomkins

President & CEO, German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, Inc. 

Mark Tomkins joined the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest in March 2006. Prior to this, Mr. Tomkins spent over 10 years in business development consulting, working with businesses throughout the world in developing strategic alliances and long-term co-operations. Mr. Tomkins began his professional career in the automotive and IT industry in Germany and the U.S.  He serves on the board of the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, the Honorary Board of the German International School Chicago, and the Board of Advisors for AIESEC at Northwestern University.  Mr. Tomkins also serves on the National Academies of Sciences Committee on the Supply Chain for Middle-Skill Jobs. Mr. Tomkins graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL with a B.A. in Applied Mathematics (Honors Program), Economics and German.